LMP Logo and Tagline, Separated

Formats: This ZIP file contains two-color and black-and-white versions of the logo in the following four formats. 

  • TIF – The .tif format does not use compression, so it does not lose image information; this is typically the format preferred for print projects.
  • EPS–  The .eps file is the original file format (Adobe Creative Cloud). It ensures the highest possible output quality. If you are working with a professional designer, this is the file format he or she will want to use.
  • JPG – This compressed .jpg file requires less memory than .eps or .tif file types. Use for web and email applications and for multimedia such as PowerPoint presentations.
  • GIF – This small file format uses the minimum amount of information possible. Use it for web and multimedia such as PowerPoint presentations. The .gif format provides the option of saving with transparent background. You can also use it for simple animations on the web.

Best used: When possible, use a version of the LMP logo with the tagline “Kaiser Permanente and the Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions,” as this wording spells out who is in the partnership. The version on this page the preferred configuration of the logo and tagline; it is especially useful when vertical space is at a minimum. The most common application for this configuration would be posters, fliers and powerpoints. A second version places the tagline immediately under the logo. 

Please refer to the LMP Style Guide for more information.

Links to individual files in the ZIP (use cntrl-click or option-click then "save link as"):

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