UBT Tracker Tip Sheets


8.5" x 11" (10 pages, all 5 tip sheets)

Intended audience:
UBT co-leads, sponsors and consultants

Use the links below to download and print PDFs of each of our five, two-sided UBT Tracker Tip Sheets.

Tip Sheet #1: Provides tips on how best to incorporate data entry into the workflow of your unit-based team. Includes basic information for signing onto UBT Tracker, bookmarking teams and searching for projects. Print and bring to your next UBT meeting.

Tip Sheet #2: Provides tips on how best to enter project descriptions including SMART goals, Tests of Change details and project results into UBT Tracker.

Tip Sheet #3: Provides tips on when and where to enter performance improvement projects v. test of change details, and how to tell whether a change is an improvement.

Tip Sheet #4: Provides tips on how to keep your team's project data current and how to manage your team's membership.

Tip Sheet #5: Provides tips on generating reports on basic team information to Tests of Change charts.

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