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Meet Your National Agreement: New Standards for All

Teams, facilities and regions all play a role in improvement

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Last year, the outpatient procedure unit-based team at Capitol Hill Medical Center rewrote the instructions it sends to patients scheduled
for a colonoscopy. A patient who found the earlier directions confusing played a leading role in the process.

The new instructions helped reduce by 20 percent the number of colonoscopies that needed to be repeated. Involving the patient was “a transformational experience
for the team,” says Jennifer Walker, RN, lead UBT consultant and improvement advisor in the Mid-Atlantic States region.

It also showed the power of a new provision of the 2015 National Agreement. 

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Resources: Help Your Team Make the Grade

Three things you can do to up your team’s game:

  • Talk with your UBT consultants and union partnership representatives (UPRs) for advice.
  • Contact the Patient Advisory Councils in your facility, service area or region for guidelines on how to include the voice of the customer in your work.
  • Use UBT Tracker and the new Team-Tested Practices section to find successful practices from other teams or regions.


What the New LMP Website Can Do for You


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Intended audience:
Unit-based team consultants, union partnership representatives, UBT sponsors and co-leads. 

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To learn about the new features of the revamped LMP website. 


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