October 21, 2016

How to Coach


During the coaching conversation, it's necessary to build and maintain rapport, ask good questions to increase mutual understanding and reflect back content and the significant points made by the person being coached.

Plan the conversation

Clarify what type of conversation you want to have and what your goals are.

Have the conversation

Use effective techniques for asking your questions and listening to the answers:

  • Clarify roles: What does help look like? How does the person want you to provide help or support?
  • Define the situation: What does the person need help with?
  • Create a vision of success: How will the person know if the original problem/need is accomplished or resolved?
  • Identify possible solutions: As much as possible, these should come from the person being coached. 
  • Establish next steps: How will you follow up? What else needs to happen in the coaching relationship?
  • Evaluate results: Did you achieve the results you both wanted?

Follow up on the conversation

A coach's responsibility doesn't end when the coaching conversation is over.