October 21, 2016

Seeking Help From a Sponsor

Team co-leads need to understand how a sponsor is able to support their unit-based teams—and also to know when it's appropriate and important to seek help from their sponsors.

It's time to turn to your sponsor when you are:

Seeking clarity

  • Ask your sponsor to meet with your unit-based team to help you communicate regional vision, business context and expected results.
  • Ask your sponsor to help you communicate the "Case for Change" message.
  • Ask your sponsor to help you set key milestones and monitor progress.
  • Ask your sponsor to help you identify team gaps and support personal/professional development.

Seeking to remove barriers

  • Identify barriers that you as co-leads are unable to remove.
  • Seek counsel from your sponsor on how to remove barriers or ask for his/her assistance to remove the barriers.

Seeking additional consultation

  • When in need of additional support resources, ask your sponsor to assist in obtaining consultation and to help you make use of UBT support specialists and/or subject matter experts.

Seeking additional resources

  • If needed, ask your sponsor to allocate sufficient resources to fund your improvement work.
  • Ask your sponsor to get team members performance improvement training if needed.

Concerned about performance management

  • Seek sponsor mentoring and advice regarding how to deal with difficult situations in team member performance or behavioral issues.

Need help with reward and recognition

  • Seek sponsor mentoring and advice regarding questions of how to align reward and recognition systems to support change and targeted performance improvement.

If you are a sponsor of unit-based team—be aware that sometimes you may need help from your executive sponsor! The tips on this page can provide helpful guidance, and you can also refer to the Engaging Your Executive Sponsors tool.

For an easy-to-print version of the information on this page, download the Seeking Help From Your Sponsor tool.