Workforce Development

Two truths about health care today: There is a constant need for employees to be upgrading their skills, and there are chronic shortages in key fields. Kaiser Permanente's success depends on successfully addressing these challenges and ensuring that KP employees have the skill and education they need to do their jobs. That's why KP and the Union Coalition have made workforce development a top priority.

The workforce development program, launched as part of the 2005 National Agreement, promotes internal career mobility. By giving employees who are interested in career advancement access to career counselors and information about financial support resources such as tuition reimbursement and stipend programs, the program arms workers with the tools to take control of their career path.

And the information all comes together in the LMP Career Planning website, where over 70 career paths display over 500 job titles, highlighting career growth pathways within Kaiser Permanente:

This program benefits labor and management alike—improving both employee morale and the caliber of the workforce. And that, in turn, benefits KP's members, who receive better service and better quality of care.

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