October 21, 2016

Clinical outcomes

Teamwork Eases Pain of Change

03/30/2016 Getting joint replacements patients in and out of the hospital swiftly is good for the patients and good for Kaiser Permanente--but is a major departure from past practice. See how this unit-based team stepped up to address staff concerns and keep morale high. [ STORY ]

Creating a Safety Net for Sickle Cell Patients

01/04/2016 A team approach provides individuals with multiple resources, helping them live full lives and manage sickle cell disease, which disproportionately affects African-Americans. [ STORY ]

Around the Regions (Winter 2016)

01/04/2016 Newsy bits from every Kaiser Permanente region. [ STORY ]

Outside Eye Helps Team Do an About-Face

10/06/2015 Culture can be a thorny issue for teams. Improving it—and paving the way for high performance—often requires some expert assistance. [ STORY ]

Partnership Attitude Brings State-of-Art Test to Members

08/11/2015 Some of our youngest members will benefit from having the new test, which came about after a frontline union member approached a doctor about pairing up to get it approved. [ STORY ]

Walking With Every Patient Prevents Falls

07/31/2015 Nurses at Moanalua Medical Center in Hawaii cut the number of falls in half when after adopting the No One Walks Alone protocol. [ STORY ]

Intensive Care Unit Zaps the VAP, and More

05/01/2015 Woodland Hills ICU relies on communication, collaboration and reliable systems to get rid of two common infections and sustain the results for four years. [ SNAPSHOT ]

Virtual UBT Fair: Spreading a Safety Success

04/20/2015 Listen to members of unit-based teams in Georgia describe at a virtual UBT fair how they are saving lives and winning awards by, using a successful practice borrowed from Southern California, ensuring that patients with abnormal test results get the care they need. [ STORY ]

Continuum of Care Gives Breastfeeding a Boost

11/17/2014 Partnership between facilities helps ensure moms get consistent support in breastfeeding their newborns. [ SNAPSHOT ]


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