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On January 31, 2024, this email regarding joint staffing was sent.

Subject: Action Requested: Share Coalition Joint Staffing Implementation

A message from Steve Shields, Senior Vice President, National Labor Relations and Office of Labor Management Partnership; Jim Pruitt, Vice President of Labor Relations for The Permanente Federation; and Caroline Lucas, Executive Director, Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions:

We are excited to announce that, as part of the 2023 national agreement between the Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions and Kaiser Permanente, we have agreed to an implementation plan for our long-standing joint staffing language (1.F and Exhibit 1.F). 


The joint staffing process is an important component in our shared commitment to “providing a work-unit environment where quality of care and employee satisfaction are not compromised by fluctuations in staff” (Section 1.F of Coalition National Agreement)

What’s new

This agreement requires that all departments, through their unit-based teams (UBTs), have structured joint staffing and budget discussions by August 2025, and annually thereafter.  Achieving this outcome will require the full power of partnership and most of the work will occur at the regional level.  From the highest levels of Kaiser Permanente leadership to the frontline work of UBTs, we are all committed to making this process a success and are prepared to provide you with the tools and resources necessary for this endeavor. Please read on to learn what’s coming and how you can help move this work forward.

What’s happening now

  • By mid-Q3, 2024, a new joint staffing training module and toolkit will be available to all regions. UBT (labor and management) co-leads (or other Coalition front-line department designees), from every UBT with Coalition-represented workers, must complete the new joint staffing training by end of March 2025.
  • After completing training, UBT co-leads facilitate joint staffing processes with their UBTs by end of August 2025.
  • Regional budget-makers will use UBT-generated staffing models and workforce plans in creating 2026 budgets.

What’s next

You can prepare for this change by taking the following steps:

Regional LMP leaders

  • Designate regional labor and management leaders to oversee regional implementation through new or existing LMP committees.
  • Identify subject-matter experts on staffing models from various modalities (hospital, ambulatory, call center, imaging, etc) who can advise the national committee on training design.

All managers and Coalition-represented employees

Thank you for your help with, and support of, this important national agreement deliverable.