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Joy in Work; What's Your Why?

Joy in work might seem like an idea that’s superficial or unattainable. But it’s vital, and more important than ever.

Joy in work is about being connected with what you do and why you do it. It’s the feeling of success and fulfillment that comes from doing work that matters. It connects us with colleagues and patients through a sense of shared purpose.

Joy in work is practical and science-based, according to the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, which has taken the lead in researching the subject. Studies link joy in work to reduced turnover, higher productivity and improved patient experience, outcomes and safety.

It doesn’t mean there won’t be fatigue, long hours and tough days. But cultivating joy in work creates the deep engagement that helps keep stress from turning into burnout — which was a serious issue in U.S. health care even before COVID-19 arrived on the scene.

Take the time to explore what brings joy in work to you and your team. Everyone will benefit.

Joy in work for me is my motivation to turn a patient visit into a better experience through empathy and connecting with the patient.
Kellie Butchino Certified Medical Assistant, SEIU Local 49 (Northwest)
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