Humans of Partnership: Magdalia Angel-Hurtado

woman wearing purple t-shirt

I learned from my wellness coach to change ‘should’ to ‘choose.’ I choose to do this. That really helped because I felt like I should be prioritizing my son, my health, my work — I should be doing more. The coach helped me in trying to find a balance. If I’m not my best self, then I can’t be the best for my team or my family. Before having my son, I had the luxury of working out anytime and now it’s like, this is my lunch time and I’m choosing to be working out. I do Monday check-ins with my co-worker and walk the trail around our facility. I invite my co-workers to walk with me or go to Zumba. We can choose to take good care of ourselves and model that for others.

Magdalia Angel-Hurtado, senior health educator and 2019 National Workforce Well-being Award Winner (Northern California)