LMP Focus Areas

Total Health and Workplace Safety

Everyone has the right to a safe and healthy place to work. Kaiser Permanente workers and managers have the benefit of voluntary, confidential programs that include tips, tools, health coaches—and cash incentives—to take charge of their own health and wellness. It’s a collective effort, because not only is partnership a team sport but health is, too. Workers and managers are key to improving safety where they work. Everyone has a role taking action improving safety by speaking up about and effectively addressing safety issues. Preventing harm and promoting health are two sides of the effort to keep the Kaiser Permanente the best place to give and get care.

The Total Health Incentive Plan rewards your body, your team and your pocketbook. Nowhere else are people being rewarded in this way for taking care of themselves.
Holly Craft-Moreno Medical assistant and SEIU-UHW member, Panorama City Medical Center (Southern California)
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