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Free to Speak

When we speak up, good things happen.

Where there’s open communication, we have better care outcomes, fewer workplace injuries and lost work days, and more satisfied patients.

That’s why supporting a culture where people are free to speak is essential to our success at Kaiser Permanente.

Use the tools here to help build a workplace culture where everyone is #FreeToSpeak and feels safe doing so. Our tools are designed to remind frontline workers and managers they have a right to speak up. They complement the messages of KP's Speak Up program, which underscores not just the right to speak up but the responsibility of workers, managers and caregivers to do so.

Read the stories of workers who discovered their voices matter and draw inspiration from videos highlighting how a #FreeToSpeak culture can support excellent care to patients, including new moms.

If you already feel free to speak, encourage others by sharing the resources in this how-to guide. If you've felt reluctant to share your ideas and concerns, the time to start is now.

We need to have a voice so that we can be heard and make things better for ourselves and our patients.
Teri Carvalho Luke, RN UBT Consultant, Hawaii Nurses Association, OPEIU Local 50 (Mapunapuna Clinic, Hawaii)
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