Humans of Partnership: Antoine Watson

portrait of Antoine Watson

I’ve always had a passion for computers and I fell into the medical field because I wanted to help people. I went back to school because I wanted to further my career and combine my love for medicine with technology. Last year, I took a medical information technology class and I am taking another course this spring. I hope to transfer to Kaiser Permanente’s Information Technology department. That way, I can help nurses and doctors improve patient care through technology. Being a husband and a father of two boys and a baby girl—life can get pretty fast-paced and hectic. The Ben Hudnall Memorial Trust paid for me to take one day off per week while I was in school. I took off Wednesdays to study. It definitely made my grades better. I benefitted a lot.

Antoine Watson, urgent care technician, OPEIU Local 27 (Mid-Atlantic States)