Humans of Partnership: Kelsy Roberson

glamorous portrait of beautiful African American woman

The fear of the unknown — where I’d be working, what I’d be doing — it was unsettling, and it came fast. Now, I am doing employee and member screening at the front door of the Capitol Hill Medical Center. It’s a daily struggle to put your game face on, but I know I’m not alone. If I can alleviate just one person’s fear or educate just one member about spread, I’ve done my job and helped someone. That’s what keeps me going. Despite everything that’s happening, I feel like I know almost every doctor and nurse in the building. I will be excited to return back to my team again, but until then I know I’m not alone and we’re all working as a family.

Kelsy Roberson, registered nurse, UFCW Local 400 (Mid-Atlantic States)