Humans of Partnership: Larson Paul B. Layugan

current portrait of Larson Paul B. Layugan, with an inset of him as a kid in a Power Ranger costume

Labor Management Partnership 20th Anniversary Logo

Twenty years ago, I was in the fifth grade pretending to be a Power Ranger!!! I always knew I wanted to do something medical related or something that involved teaching people. As a senior UBT consultant, I get the best of both worlds. I can help improve health care while teaching my peers about the LMP. The LMP has helped many people to understand their role here at Kaiser Permanente. It helps the front line to develop their leadership skills and really take ownership and accountability over how their department performs. It’s empowering to know that this model not only improves the member experience, but also helps to grow and nurture future leaders.

Larson Paul B. Layugan, RN, MSN, senior UBT consultant (Hawaii)