Humans of Partnership: Marie-Josee Gadoury, RN

Marie-Josee Gadoury, RN

A few months ago, an employee came to me distraught about her elderly, ill mother who was refusing a lot of the treatment her provider suggested. She was crying and worrying about how she would handle it if her mother continued to deteriorate. I said, ‘Where is your mother today? What is the plan?’ I brought her back to today. It doesn’t help to worry about down the road. It only builds anxiety. Take it one day at a time. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. When something feels insurmountable, focus on what can be done today to get a step closer to your goal. This means we can’t worry about next year, the state of the country or how changes will impact KP. This does not mean ignore what’s coming, nor does it exclude you from planning. Instead, it helps you focus on what is important right now.

Marie-Josee Gadoury, RN, Health Services administrator, management sponsor (Georgia)