Humans of Partnership: Patrick Andrews

Portrait of a man, wearing a teal shirt and a mask

I’ve worked at Kaiser Permanente for 42 years. I’m a patient registration representative and have been working as a greeter since COVID-19 hit. Most everyone I have encountered has been fabulous, but I had a particular situation when a member was very upset about answering the screening questions and wearing a mask. He was aggressive and verbally abusive. I had to remind myself that the person in front of me might be dealing with fear or medical issues and that he was just trying to get through the day. I explained the safety precautions as calmly and empathetically as I could and the member calmed down and complied with the rules. I work hard to be positive and helpful with our members; If I can make their encounter positive, I’ve done a good thing.

Patrick Andrews, patient registration representative, SEIU Local 49 (Northwest)