Humans of Partnership: Valerie Felix and Kristie Sequeira

two women looking in interior windows

We treat each patient as an individual, providing them with the care that we want for ourselves and our family.  Our radiology team continues to work on cutting wait times, and greeting patients warmly. We will even stand in line for patients who are not able to stand long for registration.

Valerie Felix, service unit manager and UBT management co-lead , radiology (on left)

I take pride in going above and beyond for every Kaiser member that comes into Radiology.  I try to make a difference so that patients and staff have an exceptional experience in our department. Our team works together to create the best ideas such as cutting down wait times and making scheduling easier by confirming patients have had e-consultations, orders are on file, no double bookings, and a nightly review of the schedule.

Kristie Sequeira, cashier receptionist and UBT labor co-lead, SEIU UHW, radiology (on right)

Valerie Felix and Kristie Sequeira, UBT co-leads (Northern California)