Free to Speak Communications Training

Everyone has a voice at Kaiser Permanente — and KP needs to hear yours. This empowering training helps teams understand why every voice matters and how to be sure all are heard. 

Training description

Creating a space where workers feel safe speaking up leads to better patient care and a better workplace. This fast-paced, interactive workshop helps frontline workers and managers learn what a speaking-up culture looks like, why it matters and how to manage difficult conversations through role play and group exercises.  

Path to Performance

Levels 1—5


Usually 90 minutes, but this training can be customized to suit your team's needs.

Who should attend

This in-person training is for unit-based teams, LMP councils, units/departments and other groups.



How to schedule a training for your team

Contact the communicator in your region:
  • Hawaii, Northwest, and Washington: Jennifer Gladwell, Jennifer.F.Gladwell [at]
  • Colorado, Georgia, and Northern California: Tracy Silveria, (510) 407-0616, Tracy.L.Silveria [at]
  • Mid-Atlantic States and Southern California: Sherry Crosby, (818) 614-2551, Sherry.D.Crosby [at]

Other information

Please allow at least two weeks advance notice.


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