Path To Performance

UBT Tracker

UBT Tracker is a web-based tool to collect and report data about unit-based teams.

Each UBT creates a record to track its membership, assign key team roles and describe its projects and tests of change.

Unit-based team members can search the database to find out what other teams in similar departments are doing and learn about projects that address a particular performance measure.

Sponsors and leaders use the information from UBT Tracker to understand what teams are working on and how UBTs contribute to the organization’s goals.

Use of UBT Tracker is required. Teams are rated on their progress on the Path to Performance in part by the data they enter in Tracker. 


Infrastructure - ColorFinding Your Way With UBT Tracker

Log on to UBT Tracker: Go to HRconnect and sign on. After you have entered your NUID and password, navigate to Performance > Optimize Team Performance > UBT Tracker.

Alternatively, navigate to Work @ KP > Labor & LMP > UBT Tracker. 

These tools will help you find and enter information in UBT Tracker: 

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