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How to Prioritize Team Goals

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Navneet Maan (center) , flanked by two colleagues, helps UBTs keep their focus on the things that matter for our patients and members. 

Tool helps teams rank projects for most impact

Successful unit-based teams take on multiple goals on the Value Compass, get results and move on. But focusing on the right goals—and not getting lost in the process—can be a challenge. Fresno Medical Center, which reports the highest percentage of high-performing UBTs in all of Kaiser Permanente, has developed tools to help teams set priorities. The prioritization matrix, a tool used in performance improvement, is part of a four-step process.

•   Step 1: Identify improvement opportunities with the team. Develop ideas with the help of the team sponsors or UBT consultants, and pay special attention to your Performance Sharing Program (PSP) goals.

•   Step 2: Use the Project Prioritization Matrix to determine project priority.

•   Step 3: Enter project data into UBT Tracker.

•   Step 4: Share project information with the UBT consultant or union partnership representative, who can connect the team with other resources, including “affinity groups” working on similar goals.

“It’s a very simple process that helps teams focus and know why they’re doing what they’re doing,” says Fresno’s Navneet Maan, a UBT consultant.  

“Teams can work through this process during their regular meetings,” she adds. “The project selection becomes a more transparent process, and the tool helps align their work with regional goals that will make a difference to members and patients.”

Tools - ColorWhat's your top priority?

UBT consultants, UBT co-leads and members can use this simple matrix to set performance improvement goals for the year. 

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