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National Staffing Oversight Committee Members

The 2023 National Agreement between Kaiser Permanente and the Coalition of Permanente Unions creates a timeline and process for joint staffing work. This is the oversight committee. These are the members of the National Staffing Oversight Committee: 


  • Georgette Bradford, Committee Co-Chair, SEIU-UHW Executive Committee Member, Contract Specialist, AFRAM President, Northern California
  • Jerry Spicer, Committee Co-Chair, Regional CNE & VP Regional Patient Care Services, Southern California and Hawaii
  • Chad Sullivan, Committee Co-Chair, Coalition National Field Coordinator, Northwest
  • Shankar Viswanathan,  Committee Co-Chair, Director, HR Business Partner, Northwest


  • Ian King, Committee Facilitator, Senior Director, LMP Programs and Analytics, Office of Labor Management Partnership

Members (by region)

  • JJ Cassa, Director, Process Improvement, Colorado
  • Shelly Fowlkes, Secretary-Treasurer, SEIU Local 105, Colorado
  • Linda Bridges, President, OPEIU, Local 2, Mid-Atlantic States
  • Scott Friedman, Director, HR Business Partner, Mid-Atlantic States
  • Sara Levesque, (alternate member) Secretary-Treasurer, OPEIU, Local 2, Mid-Atlantic States
  • Sonya Allen-Smith, Regional Capacity Union Partnership Representative, SEIU-UHW, Northern California
  • DeAnna Andry, (alternate member) NCAL Support Staff, OPEIU Local 29, Northern California
  • Kelly Gschwend, Secretary-Treasurer/Business Representative, OPEIU Local 29, Northern California
  • Cassandra Howard, Union Representative, ESC, Local 20 IFPTE, Northern California
  • Richard Kimbrel, Regional Director, Nursing and Clinical Practice, Northern California
  • Stacy Lorenzen, Area Finance Officer, Hospital Admin-Business Strategy & Finance, Northern California
  • Audrey Cardenas Loera, Member Organizer, SEIU Local 49, Northwest
  • Annette Baxter, Director of Member Services, OPEIU, Local 30, Southern California
  • Aileen Oh, Regional Chief Nursing Officer, SCPMG, Southern California
  • Tim Cooper, Executive Director, Medical Specialties, Washington
  • Leslie Liddle, Union Representative, OPEIU Local 8, Washington
  • Jessica Wolfe, Union Delegate, SEIU 1199NW, Washington