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Tips for Flu Prevention

woman getting a flu shot

It only hurts for a second: Get your flu shot to protect yourself and our patients. 

How to protect yourself and our members from this virus

When flu season arrives, it’s important to stay well. As a matter of patient and workplace safety and professional pride, we can take steps to protect ourselves, our families, co-workers, and members and patients from flu and other infectious diseases. Here’s how. 

Vaccinate yourself and others

  • If you don’t get the flu, you won’t pass it on. The vaccine reduces the chance you will get the flu. Encourage others to get vaccinated, too.

Keep flu out of the air

  • Limit the time patients with suspected flu spend in open waiting rooms; separate them from others.
  • Offer surgical masks to people who are coughing or sneezing and encourage them to cover their coughs. Supply tissues, trash cans and hand sanitizer in waiting areas.
  • Place patients with flu in a private room.
  • Avoid unnecessary transport of infectious patients — and have them wear surgical masks outside their rooms.

Keep flu off of yourself. Follow standard and droplet precautions

  • Wear eye protection, gown and gloves.
  • Wear respiratory protection when in the room with the patient and until the air has cleared after the patient has left the room (about one hour), or if you are doing procedures that may aerosolize infectious particles.
  • Wash your hands often. Use hand sanitizer or wash with soap and water before and after all patient care.
  • Avoid touching your face, clothing or mask with your hands.

Keep the environment clean

  • Focus cleaning on high-contact surfaces: door knobs, elevator buttons, reception desks, exam tables, pharmacy furniture. 
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