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Tips for Greening Your Work Life

man with battery recycling device

A project to recycle batteries is just one way unit-based teams can help safeguard the environment. 

Ways to help the environment while saving money

Kaiser Permanente has set a goal to reduce its overall greenhouse gas emissions by 30 percent by 2020, compared to its 2008 levels. Unit-based teams can play a part in greening our environment and saving money. Involve your team in tests of change around recycling or reducing supply waste.

  1. Coordinate with other departments, such as EVS, materials management or procurement and supply, on green tests of change — or “embed” a member of one of these departments in your UBT.
  2. Work with your facility’s waste-hauling vendors to find out what types of materials and supplies can be recycled, and place recycling bins strategically in cafeterias and near exits.
  3. Cut down on costly, wasteful single-use medical devices or supplies as part of performance improvement efforts.
  4. EVS teams: Switch to environmentally friendly cleaning products and supplies.
  5. Invite your teammates to shop for locally sourced, organic fruits and vegetables at the nearest KP weekly farmer’s market.
  6. Host a monthly healthy salad bar, like the UBT at San Diego’s Positive Choice clinic did in its successful effort to improve attendance.
  7. Replace thirsty plants for drought-tolerant alternatives, as several teams in Northern and Southern California have done.
  8. Go paperless: Don’t print out agendas and documents; send them out via email or show on a projector instead.
  9. Recruit a champion in your department to be on the lookout for new opportunities and coach others on greening their workplace.


Savings - Color Download the Tip Sheet

Want a colorful tip sheet with these ideas to hand out and post on bulletin boards? Download one here!

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