Team-Tested Practices
Two caregivers in a hospital room with an elderly patient

Caregivers Patricia Jauregui and Peggy E. Hemphill, both members of SEIU-UHW can spend more time with their patient, John D. Clarke, thanks to their UBT's workflow improvements. 

Better Coordination Spells R-e-l-i-e-f for Telemetry Team

With more patients to care for and no change in staffing levels, members of the Downey 6 West Telemetry team in Southern California were soon stretched thin. Overtime costs soared and morale plummeted as staff members missed meal breaks during hectic shifts. Then the team took action. By changing their workflow and better coordinating with each other, the department saved more than $95,000 in overtime costs.  Even better, team spirits are up thanks to a relief RN who covers for staff members on break. 

Here's What Worked

  • Reviewing the department budget and using performance improvement tools to determine the causes of overtime
  • Revamping the department workflow and coordinating with each other to schedule a relief RN to cover those on break
  • Educating and reminding staff about the importance of clocking in and out on time
  • Encouraging nurses to notify their managers two hours before the end of shift if they expect to work overtime. This practice helps reduce overtime because the manager or charge nurse can help the nurse, and decrease the possibility of the nurse accruing overtime

What can your team do to make your workflow more efficient? 


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