Team-Tested Practices
Blue wrap.

Recycling is a smart way to save money and help the environment.

Blue Wrap Bins Save Money

Tossing blue wrap and other recyclable products into the trash can cost your department plenty. With savings in mind and an eye to helping the environment, the Sand Canyon Surgi-Center in Irvine, California, decided to place containers for blue wrap in its operating rooms. Through meetings and huddles, they explained what not to put in the bins and that it would help the local Goodwill. The team was able to recycle about 600 pounds of blue wrap per week, cutting about $6,000 in waste disposal fees. 

Here's What Worked

  • Setting up designated bins in operating rooms for blue wrap recycling
  • Educating staff about the dos and don’ts of the bins, such as no infectious or solid waste
  • Coordinating with a local charity such as Goodwill to help with processing

What can your team do to "go green"? What else could your team do to reduce waste?

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