Team-Tested Practices
Joe Phoolsawasdi. OPEIU LU 30.

Centralizing your mail operation can save money. Pictured is San Diego courier Joe Phoolsawasdi, a member of OPEIU Local 30.

Bring Mail Together and Bring Costs Down

Facilities in Northern California had a habit of handling their own mail, but that created redundancies and increased costs. It was also more difficult to negotiate favorable rates with outside vendors. In working the problem, the Regional Mail Services team decided to first handle sorting and metering for a handful of service areas. It then centralized outgoing mail for all of Northern California. This reduced postage and processing fees and generated an annual savings of $250,000.

What Got Results

  • Sorting and metering mail at fewer locations
  • Centralizing facilities mail processing for greater efficiency
  • Adding meters, offering overtime, and negotiating lower rates for needed vendor services
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