Team-Tested Practices

Choosing to Work Positively

The San Rafael Medical Center operator services UBT reduced stress by practicing kindness and gratitude. This Level 5 UBT answers up to 27,000 calls a month. Due to the volume and nature of the calls, team members frequently experience high levels of stress and anxiety. After meeting with Employee Assistance Program, the UBT adopted two mindfulness practices: a Gratitude Jar and a Gratitude Tree. Despite initial skepticism, the effort helped boost team morale and reduce stress.

Here's What Worked

  • Placing a Gratitude Jar in the entrance of the department (a prominent position)
  • “Planting” a Gratitude Tree on a wall
  • Buying playful fruit-shaped sticky notes to write their gratitude messages and post on the tree 

What can your team do to measure and reduce stress? 

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