Team-Tested Practices
Max Kaufman, Transport. Union UHW-SEIU.

Keeping gurneys made and ready helps to reduce transport waiting times.

Cut Turnaround Times for Patient Transport

Moving patients through the hospital in a timely fashion is an element of good service. But a transport team at the San Diego Medical Center was a bit slow in getting patients to other departments or out the door at discharge. Team members started by placing gurneys in spots where they were needed, and cleaned them and made them with a clean sheet and blanket. The team used down time to check the equipment and designated a staffer to ensure things were in place. In a year, they shaved seven minutes in transport time and increased the number of patients moved by 13 percent.

Here's What Worked

  • Keeping gurneys and equipment where they are needed, and having staff speak with patients during transport
  • Cleaning and making the gurneys with sheets and blankets before they are needed
  • Designating a staff member to ensure equipment is placed where needed

What can your team do to make the best use of your "down time"?


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