Team-Tested Practices
Two nurses, wearing blue scrubs, talking with each other

Standarizing communication between nurses helped one UBT decrease its overtime costs. 

Decreased Overtime Works Double-Time for Patients

Inpatient nurses at Moanalua Medical Center found that standardizing change-of-shift communications enabled them to reduce annual overtime costs by $80,000. Unit-based team members created a report called “Say It In Five” to help nurses communicate key details about patient care, including diagnosis, lab results and pain management. The UBT also made changes to end-of-shift nursing assignments and adjusted workflows for hospital aides. As a result, the team was able to reduce overtime hours from 103 hours to 88 hours in a single pay period.

Here's What Worked

  • Standardizing end-of-shift communication between nurses
  • Assigning outgoing nurse assignments to incoming nurses
  • Creating new workflows for hospital aides

What can your team do to reduce unnecessary variation?

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