Team-Tested Practices
The Stockton financial services team.

Left to right, the Stockton financial services team: Patient Financial Advisor Ruben Muro, SEIU; Business Representative Mamie Spurlock, SEIU; Patient Financial Services Manager Nicole Ball. Management; Financial Advisor Imelda Pimentel, SEIU; and Business Representative Maxima Fabro, SEIU.

The EZ Option of Cash Co-Pays

Paying in cash is convenient but the business office at the Stockton Medical Center wasn’t able to accept cash co-payments for inpatient service. Realizing this was a missed opportunity, they created payment options for both cash and credit cards. They added a lock box, trained staff on how to handle cash, and let other teams know the office was accepting cash payments. The goal of collecting $5,000 in payments was exceeded when they ended up collecting $21,470 by the end of the nine-month test.

Here's What Worked

  • Training staff on how to handle cash, and tracking payments
  • Getting a lock box to safely store cash payments, and reviewing data at monthly meetings
  • Letting other teams know that cash payments are possible

What can your team do to look at the care experience though the eyes of the patient? What else could your team do to make going to the doctor easier for the member? 


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