Team-Tested Practices
The Stockton financial services team.

Left to right, the Stockton financial services team: Patient Financial Advisor Ruben Muro, SEIU; Business Representative Mamie Spurlock, SEIU; Patient Financial Services Manager Nicole Ball. Management; Financial Advisor Imelda Pimentel, SEIU; and Business Representative Maxima Fabro, SEIU.

The EZ Option of Cash Co-Pays

Paying in cash is convenient but the business office at the Stockton Medical Center wasn’t able to accept cash co-payments for inpatient service. Realizing this was a missed opportunity, they created payment options for both cash and credit cards. They added a lock box, trained staff on how to handle cash, and let other teams know the office was accepting cash payments. The goal of collecting $5,000 in payments was exceeded when they ended up collecting $21,470 by the end of the nine-month test.

What Got Results

  • Training staff on how to handle cash, and tracking payments
  • Getting a lock box to safely store cash payments, and reviewing data at monthly meetings
  • Letting other teams know that cash payments are possible
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