Team-Tested Practices
Skyline Medical Lab Technician Linsey Gustafson, OFNHP.

Getting patients the necessary tests can help speed up the lab process. Pictured is Skyline Medical Lab Technician Linsey Gustafson,  a member of OFNHP.

Front-of-the-Line Pass Reduces Unneeded Tests

Oncology patients need tests, but not always the standard lab order. To reduce unneeded tests, and to speed up the process for the patients, the laboratory team at the Skyline Medical Center came up with the idea for the "golden ticket." It didn't gain them access to the chocolate factory, but it did get them to the front of the line. By coordinating with the oncology department, patients got fewer unnecessary tests and moved through the lab more quickly. In four months, the team reduced unneeded tests by 45 percent and saved $7,587.

Here's What Worked

  • Identifying which tests oncology patients actually need
  • Creating and issuing a "golden ticket" to get patients to the front of the line
  • Fast tracking the processing of labs before seeing the doctor

What can your team do to adjust your workflow in a way that puts the patient at the center?


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