Team-Tested Practices
A provider preparing a patient's arm for a blood draw

Processing lab tests is now quicker thanks to two teams who collaborated on improvement efforts.

Lab Teams Collaborate to Ease Workload, Speed Tests

Increased membership, changes in CDC guidelines and slow work processes were inhibiting two Colorado labs from processing widely used tests critical to preventive care. The teams researched other labs’ processes and the latest technology. They collaborated to purchase new equipment and fast-tracked installation. They cross-trained on the equipment and on the processes within the two departments. The labs significantly decreased processing time for the two tests. Processing HPV tests now takes half the time and the workload increase was absorbed with no extra staff.

Here's What Worked

  • Studying what other labs were doing and researching the latest technology
  • Collaborating on the purchase of new equipment and gaining support to fast-track the installation
  • Cross-training staff on use of new equipment and departmental processes

What can your team do to be more collaborative with departments you frequently work with? What else could your team do to cross-train staff?


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