Team-Tested Practices
Irvine medical team.

It's important to listen to your patients. A medical team in Irvine used "care cards" to help.

Let Your Patients Know You’re Listening

It’s important to know what your patients think, and a little communication can go a long way. It can also improve your HCAHPS (Hospital Consumer Awareness of Healthcare Providers and Services) scores. A med-surg unit in Irvine, California, scored in the 15th percentile in their communications composite score and used a simple survey device they called “care cards” that allowed patients to write questions and comments. The staff collected these cards and addressed these concerns, raising their score to the 89th percentile in three months.

What Got Results

  • Developing cards so patients can ask questions and raise concerns
  • Collecting the cards at patient discharge, and make sure there are no unanswered questions
  • Addressing the concerns to elevate service
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