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How a team made asking patients for copayments less awkward

Let's Talk About Copayments—Increasing Collection

Let’s face it: it’s awkward to ask people for money. However, the Anaheim admitting team knew it was a necessary part of the job and decided to talk about it in order to increase the percentage of their copayment collections. After providing training to employees about the importance of copayment collection, the process, how to approach patients, and informing staff of resources available to patients who need financial assistance, they measured positive results. Moreover, the Admitting department staff and nursing units developed better working relationships.


Here's What Worked

  • Training a group of master trainers who coached peers about the importance of copay collection and the process
  • Educating inpatient nursing and frontline staff about the importance of copay collection and financial counseling availability for patients
  • Hiring a financial counselor who answered patient questions during the admitting process and interviewed those in need of financial assistance

What can your team do to ensure team members have the skills to have difficult conversations? What else could your team do to help patients that are in need?



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