Team-Tested Practices
Sean Saxton, OPEIU LU 50 and Shelby Lyons SEIU LU 105.

Talking it through helped a San Jose pediatric unit increase morale. Pictured here, Sean Saxton, HNA/OPEIU Local 50 (left) and Shelby Lyons SEIU Local 105, discuss communication skills at a Delegate Conference workshop.

A Little Communication Goes a Long Way

A simple conversation can often fix anything—folks just want to be heard. In the pediatric department at San Jose Medical Center, morale is soaring but it wasn’t always that way. A few years back, morale sagged as people did their own thing. The team asked around and communication was the key. They opted for short, informal meetings. And anyone could call a huddle at any time. Member Patient Satisfaction scores jumped 10 percent and sick time dropped to 6.9 days per FTE in two years.

Here's What Worked

  • Communicating with the team
  • Asking how the team prefers to communicate or meet
  • Allowing team members to earn rewards for attendance

What can your team do to improve communication among its members? 


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