Team-Tested Practices
Scanning Center. Scanner Paul Mata. SEIU

Using the proper workflow for scanning documents can make your department more efficient. Pictured is Scanner Paul Mata,  a member of SEIU-UHW, of the Fresno Scanning Center. 

Oversight Reduces Document Scanning Errors

Making errors with documents can have cascading effects and ultimately adversely affect patient care. One medical records administration team worked with a sister UBT to fix problems that created scanning errors and delays. They hosted an in-service to discuss how to prepare documents for scanning, and the team members who scanned the documents provided oversight to ensure it was done properly. Feedback on the operation was shared and all discussed any mistakes so the entire team could learn. In 90 days, the team reduced the average of 45 errors per week by 80 percent.

Here's What Worked

  • Hosting in-service to discuss how to properly set up a scanning procedure
  • Monitoring the process to ensure the scanning was done properly
  • Sharing feedback about the process so every team member can learn from any mistake

What can your team do to work with other UBTs so you can both improve? What additional training could your team benefit from?


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