Team-Tested Practices
Doctor talking with patient.

Personalizing the need for screening can be helpful for the patient.

Patients Need Screening? Make It Personal

Cancer screenings save lives, but patients can be reluctant to get tested. Instead of relying on impersonal statistics to make the point, one medical team in the Northwest made it personal instead. Team members individualized stories to match the patient. They talked about real-life cases, such as the doctors who received a positive screenings result but are doing well because the disease was caught early. In 2 years, the clinic increased its rate from 72.7 percent to 81.7 percent, exceeding the target.

Here's What Worked

  • Identifying eligible members for colorectal screening
  • Developing a personalized story for each patient to make it relevant
  • Creating a follow-up process to ensure patients are following through with the test

What can your team do to customize your outreach to patients?


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