Team-Tested Practices
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Sure, pharmacy workers dispense pills. But they also help KP members close care gaps. 

Pharmacy Team Helps Members Close Care Gaps

Think a pharmacy team can’t impact mammograms? Guess again. The team at Mt. Scott Medical Office in the Northwest region worked with Imaging Department staff to identify pharmacy patients overdue for breast cancer screenings. Together, they expedited patients' mammogram appointments. After receiving compliance training to access private health information, pharmacy staff checked patients’ electronic medical records to see who needed preventive screenings. They also developed a script to encourage patients to get their mammograms. The union members' outreach campaign paid off. The number of pharmacy patients who made mammogram appointments nearly doubled from 34 in August 2019 to 61 in September 2019. Thrilled by their success, staff members now screen patients for other care gaps, including flu shots, glucose, and diabetic retinopathy, a retinal disease caused by diabetes.


Here's What Worked

  • Training staff how to identify patients overdue for breast cancer screenings
  • Partnering with Imaging department staff to fast-track mammogram appointments for pharmacy patients
  • Developing a script to encourage patients to get preventive health screenings

What can your team do to work with other departments on a shared goal? 

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