Team-Tested Practices
yellow and blue butterfly

Yes, we know this is a butterfly, not a butterfly needle.

Phlebotomists Save Money Self-Monitoring Use of Butterfly Needles

Though all needles make most of us cringe, not all needles cost the same. In Vancouver, Washington, phlebotomists were using expensive butterfly needles on almost all of their patients. However, in many cases, the less expensive regular needles were appropriate to use. Through self-monitoring, phlebotomists made more deliberate decisions about when to use butterfly needles and noticeably reduced needle expenses.    

Here's What Worked

  • Reviewing the department's budget together
  • Researching the costs and benefits of different types of needles
  • Self-monitoring to reduce usage of butterfly needles

What can your team do to identify areas or products where savings can be found? What else could your team do to cut expenses?



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