Team-Tested Practices
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Shh....a quiet zone helps pharmacy employees fill prescriptions faster.

Priority Prescriptions in 15 Minutes — in the Quiet Zone

The Falls Church Pharmacy was undergoing a remodel and adjusting to a robot dispensing device when the region began a “fill now” program with the goal of all pharmacies filling 80 percent of high-priority prescriptions within 15 minutes. Its track record was around 73 percent. As changes in workflow were made and the team implemented a quiet zone, the UBT’s representative members kept checking the data to see if their efforts were helping them reach the regional target and made additional adjustments as necessary. 

Here's What Worked

  • Implementing a quiet zone to allow staff to better concentrate
  • Shifting work schedules so more staff are available during peak hours
  • Communicating one on one with pharmacy staff about changes being made and why, and what data show

What can your team do to effectively respond to workflow and target changes? What else could your team do to meet targeted goals?



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