Team-Tested Practices
An oversupply of on-hand medications can be wasteful.

An oversupply of on-hand medications can be wasteful.

Reduce Stock of On-Hand Meds and Save

Since you won't really miss what you don't really need, it makes sense to take take a look at inventory and cut back. And that's what a Vision Essentials team did when members discovered they had a standing order of five jars of a special cream in stock. At $122 a pop, that was a lot of money spent on something they rarely used. The UBT then worked with the providers to reduce the cost and amount of pharmaceuticals they purchased. In a year, they reduced their stock of on-hand meds by 69 percent.

Here's What Worked

  • Assessing on-hand pharmaceutical supplies for need
  • Working with providers to reduce cost and amount of needed drugs
  • Reducing number of on-hand meds

What can your team do to order and use supplies wisely? What else could your team do to help keep KP affordable for members and patients?


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