Team-Tested Practices
Nutrition aide pushing a cart of meals.

The Roseville nutrition team worked with doctors to more effectively diagnosis malnutrition in patients. Pictured is Nutrition Aide Marie Mandich, a member of  SEIU-UHW. 

Speak Up to Curb Patient Malnutrition

Malnutrition is a serious health risk, and being in a hospital sounds like a good solution, right? But patients may not be diagnosed, nor in the hospital long enough for it to be apparent. So, the clinical nutrition team at Roseville Medical Center made an effort to improve the diagnois of malnourished patients. Dieticians spoke directly to physicians, and sent notes with highlighted recommendations. In six months, the team's success at diagnosing malnutrition went from 52 to 82 percent.

Here's What Worked

  • Using key phrases in malnutrition assessment to catch the attention of physicians
  • Bolding their recommendations in notes to doctors
  • Speaking directly to physicians about potentially malnourished patients

What can your team do to improve cooperation between physicians and other members of the care team?


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