Team-Tested Practices
A slide under a microscope

Analyzing slides faster boosted patient satisfaction and employee morale

Speedy Slides Boost Service, Scores and Morale

The Northwest Regional Lab’s Histology department’s complex process to prepare tissue slides for review by pathologists made it hard to keep up with daily work. Turnaround times were slow and staff morale was low. Concerned about work quality, the pathologists considered outsourcing. The team began tracking times on a board; discussing turnaround and quality during huddles; engaging with sponsors to remove barriers; and communicating better with pathologists. In two years, turnaround time improved 26 percent and the People Pulse Work Unit Index score improved 30 percent.

Here's What Worked

  • Tracking slide turnaround times on a white board
  • Discussing turnaround times and quality assurance issues in team huddles
  • Meeting weekly with the UBT’s sponsors to help with engagement and remove barriers
  • Including pathologists to facilitate better communication between staff and physicians

What can your team do to remove barriers in your daily work? What else could your team do to use huddles to improve quality? 

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