Team-Tested Practices

A welcoming environment can be helpful to new patients.

Spread the Love and Build Their Loyalty

It's good practice to let new members know you appreciate them, and that was the purpose behind the "Love at First Visit" campaign in Colorado. New member accounts were flagged in KP HealthConnect, but staffers also placed a yellow sticker on a new patient's card during visits to ID them more readily. The UBT held training for staff and physicians, helped new members with directions at the facility, called about first appointments, and created refrigerator magnets with important phone numbers. First visit satisfaction scores went from 57 to 67 percent.

Here's What Worked

  • Creating ID system for new members, such as highly visible yellow stickers on member cards
  • Training staff and doctors about the importance of new members and how to make them feel welcome
  • Making outreach calls for the new member's first appointment

What can your team do to welcome new members to KP? 


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