Team-Tested Practices
Food service delivering tray.

Restricted diets can be a bit bland, but including non-sodium seasoning packets like Mrs. Dash can help boost the flavor.

Take That Low-Sodium Meal and Say, Bam!

No one should have to live in the world of the bland, even those forced to be on restrictive or low-sodium diets. The food services team in Roseville recognized this and looked to make tastier meals. While they couldn’t alter the actual meals, since those were made and packaged offsite, they included packets of the no-sodium Mrs. Dash seasoning mix. That was a hit. The team also wrote scripts for their personnel to help explain the seasoning packets, and to help patients understand their meal options.

Here's What Worked

  • Including Mrs. Dash seasoning packets with meals
  • Writing scripts for personnel to educate patients
  • Getting informed on all diet options

What can your team do to look at a hospital stay through the eyes of a patient? 


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