Team-Tested Practices
Emergency room entrance

By helping patients understand where and when to access the best care in the right setting, this behavioral health team improved quality and saved money. 

Team Educates Patients and Saves $1 Million

Troubled by the number of behavioral health patients seeking care in the Emergency Department, members of the Ridgeline Behavioral Health team in Colorado set out to educate members about their treatment options. By analyzing claims data, reviewing patient charts and connecting members with their primary care providers and specialists, the team was able to save $1 million.

Here's What Worked

  • Team members learning about their own benefits and researching which Emergency Departments Kaiser Permanente prefers to have members use
  • Analyzing claims data for patients with the highest number of Emergency Department visits
  • Educating patients about Emergency Department use

What can your team do to improve its own business literacy? And help patients make better decisions about their care? 


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