Team-Tested Practices
X ray technician and patient.

Coordination between departments can help diagnostic delays and improve care.

Working Together for Timely Test Results

Getting X-ray and other diagnostic test results out on time can be difficult with a heavy patient workload. The team in the digital imaging department at Los Angeles Medical Center looked to improve their turnaround times but realized they needed help. So working with the emergency and transportation departments, the team communicated with nurses and transporters to consult before a patient was moved for a test. They also spread the backlog of requests into 15-minute intervals. Turnaround time and efficiency improved and complaints went down.

Here's What Worked

  • Coordinating with other departments, like emergency and transportation
  • Spreading out requests in regular 15-minute intervals
  • Meeting regularly to make adjustments

 What can your team do to work with other departments to improve patients' experiences? 


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