Study of KP's High-Performing Unit-Based Teams

PDF (15 or 3 pages)

8.5" x 11"

Intended audience: 
UBT sponsors, co-leads and members; KP and union leaders

Best used: 
To help unit-based team leaders and sponsors—and UBT members—better understand five elements that enable team performance and development.

Two options for reading:

  • The 15-page study by Rutgers University, Johns Hopkins and Kaiser Permanente researchers identifies five key enablers of unit-based team performance and development: leadership; line of sight; team cohesion; processes and methods; and infrastructure and support. The report includes examples of successful team practices in each area. It includes an executive summary and conclusions.
  • The 3-page executive summary of the study provides an overview of the findings, focusing on the five enablers of high performance. A good choice for those wanting a quick takeaway of these issues and for teams wanting to address issues raised by the study.
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