About LMP

Outside Research

Independent studies into the Labor Management Partnership. 

How Labor-Management Partnerships Improve Patient Care, Cost Control, and Labor Relations [opens PDF]

A 2012 Cornell School of Industrial and Labor Relations study of labor partnerships at 3 health care systems, including Kaiser Permanente.

Building a Collaborative Enterprise

This 2011 Harvard Business Review article shows how Kaiser Permanente, our Labor Management Partnership and other leading organizations are redefining way companies do business.

Study of High-Performing Teams

Researchers from Rutgers University, Johns Hopkins and Kaiser Permanente identified 5 key enablers of unit-based team performance and development (2011). 

Negotiating in Partnership: A Case Study

This report traces the landmark 2005 labor negotiations and the resulting contract (2006).

The Kaiser Permanente Labor Management Partnership: 2002-2004

This MIT report analyzes LMP’s evolution from 2002 to 2004 and identifies issues and challenges that emerged in those years (2005).

The Kaiser Permanente Labor Management Partnership: The First Five Years

MIT researchers trace the early evolution of the Labor Management Partnership from its inception in 1997 to June 2002 and identify critical issues facing the parties (2003).

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